About ALAP

The Association of Legal Aid Plans of Canada is a voice for Canada’s legal aid plans and a national expert on legal aid and access to justice issues. The objectives of the Association are to:

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ALAP members

The Association of Legal Aid Plans of Canada is comprised of the thirteen recognized legal aid plans across Canada, whose objective is to provide legal aid services to those who cannot afford to hire a lawyer.

The Members of the Executive Committee hold office for a three (3) year term and any CEO elected as a Member of the Executive Committee can have his/her term extended for two additional three (3) year terms.


Legal Aid Society of Alberta
G. John Panusa, President & Chief Executive Officer

British Columbia

Legal Services Society
Mark Benton, QC, Chief Executive Officer


Legal Aid Manitoba
Gil Clifford, Executive Director

New Brunswick

New Brunswick Legal Aid Services Commission
Pierre Castonguay, Executive Director

Newfoundland & Labrador

Legal Aid NL
Nick Summers, Provincial Director*

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Legal Aid Commission
Megan Longley, QC, Executive Director

Northwest Territories

Legal Aid Commission (Northwest Territories)
Karen Wilford, Executive Director*


Legal Services Board of Nunavut
Benson Cowan, Chief Executive Office


Legal Aid Ontario
David Field, President & Chief Executive Officer*

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island Legal Aid
W. Kent Brown, QC, Director


Commission des services juridiques
Marie-Claude Marcil, directrice déléguée*


Legal Aid Saskatchewan
Craig Goebel, Chief Executive Officer*


Yukon Legal Services Society
David Christie, Executive Director

* Members of the Executive Committee