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  • Association of Legal Aid Plans Canada Endorses Access to Justice Report

    TORONTO, Oct. 11, 2013 – The Association of Legal Aid Plans of Canada applauds a new report by the Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters. “Access to justice is at a critical stage in Canada,” said Bob Ward, Chair of the Association of Legal Aid Plans. “The Action Committee’s report […]

    12:39 PM
  • Not Just a Substitute for Full Service: Expanded Duty Counsel in Nova Scotia

    Expanded duty counsel (EDC) is an approach to providing duty counsel services that attempts to move matters quickly at the early stages of the court system, often achieving early resolutions prior to a written application for full legal aid service. Expanded duty counsel differs from the traditional facilitating model in that duty counsel lawyers are assigned to the same court on a continuous basis so they are able to see the same client on more than one initial appearance. This allows the lawyer to resolve straightforward cases quickly where the client is able to do so at the early stages of the court process without an application for legal aid and the assignment of a private bar lawyer on a certificate or staff counsel. When early resolution is achieved the client will not need to apply for full representation legal aid. If the matter is not able to be resolved EDC will move the matter forward by accomplishing major steps such as bail applications, disclosure motions, applications for full service and referrals to community resources.

    03:27 PM
  • Department of Justice releases Legal Aid Program Evaluation

    Legal Aid Program Evaluation Final Report (PDF Version, 595 KB, PDF Help) Management Response and Action Plan (PDF Version, 16 KB, PDF Help)

    06:55 PM